healthy buildings start here

Healthy Building Inspections identify evidence of current and historical contaminants, and combine environmental and building science expertise while focusing on occupant health. Environmental inspectors may sample air, dust, soil, and water for laboratory analysis to create a comprehensive picture of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).



the air we breathe

While it’s easy to see when you need to dust or sweep, it’s harder to know when the air in your home or workplace needs cleaning. In fact, the indoor air you breathe can be hazardous to your health without any telltale signs. Indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors, and recent studies show average indoor air quality is linked with allergies, asthma, and even how well we think! We test for common indoor pollutants like carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and airborne particulate matter. Then we work with our clients to practically and cost-effectively achieve the high air quality they seek.

the water we drink

We believe healthy water is a basic human right, but for many families, this has proved elusive. Studies continually reveal chemicals in our drinking water, from fluorinated compounds to chromium-6 (made infamous in Erin Brokovitch) to lead in Flint, MI. 

We offer comprehensive drinking water assessment, and make recommendations based on your water and your goals to achieve safe and healthy water at a practical price.



chemicals in our homes

Our building products contain thousands of chemicals. Many of these do not stay put, but migrate into the air and dust in our buildings, creating a direct route of exposure for occupants. This ingredient list can include chemicals with known adverse health effects like neurotoxins, carcinogens, hormone mimics and reproductive disrupters, but many of the chemicals have never been tested for human safety. And current green building standards do not adequately address human health effects of these chemicals. Our team's background in chemistry, epidemiology, and building science offers clients a comprehensive overview of risks and solutions to reducing chemicals in the built environment.

electromagnetic radiation

We offer consulting services in the assessment of electric and magnetic fields (EMF). We offer comprehensive EMF analysis, including inspection, assessment, measurement, testing, abatement, and remediation. This process can involve complete site analysis, pre-construction design to minimize EMFs, remediation of areas of concern, practical strategies to address sources that cannot be corrected (e.g. cell towers), and recommendations for EMF exposure management.

Unlike many in the EMF field, we have the weight of evidence-based assessment on our side - my graduate students have field-tested our findings for reducing fields. We base our recommendations on peer-reviewed academic findings.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

We have experience in new construction and remodeling for clients with MCS. We recognize that this is an involved process with a long time horizon, and are well versed in the necessity of trial and error with every product. With a materials chemist on staff, and a building scientist, we are a boutique firm dedicated to the elusive search for home.