design. build. rebuild.

The cornerstone of our business is close and congenial collaboration with architects, builders, and tradespeople to design and build the healthy residence or commercial building envisioned by our clients. We operate as 3rd party consultants, which means we have no horse in this race, and thus we prize most our objectivity. 


Materials selection

Translating the impact of building materials to your health is what we do best. Our passion is providing clients with unbiased, current information about chemical hazards, providing practical product evaluations and comparisons, and making recommendations for healthy, high performance products that meet both health and budget goals. This often starts from the ground up, during the design phase of a project, but we also join teams well on their way toward completion.


healthy Interiors

Healthy outsides need healthy insides. We help clients navigate the challenging path toward healthy, chemical-free interiors. Finding beautiful and functional furnishings without polyurethane foam and flame retardants, free of stain resistant chemicals, plasticizers, and off-gassing glues, to name a few offenders, can be a challenge, and we love helping clients navigate the increasingly rich landscape of healthy products.


multiple chemical sensitivity

We have experience in new construction and remodeling for clients with MCS. We recognize that this is an involved process with a long time horizon, and are well versed in the necessity of trial and error with every product. With a materials chemist and a building scientist on staff, we are a boutique firm dedicated to solving the elusive search for home for those struggling with MCS.