As a professor of environmental health, my whole career has been focused on practical and manageable solutions to surround ourselves, our families, and our children with a safe and healthy environment. We offer comprehensive services in home design, nursery design, and lifestyle assessment to simply and cost effectively reduce chemicals exposures and create a healthier, safer environment for all.


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the healthy home

We offer a comprehensive home analysis from the outside in. This starts with your building design and construction, air and water quality and filtration, home furnishings and interior finishes, and safe household operations and maintenance, such as cleaning products and ventilation. All elements are offered as needed per client interest.


and baby makes 3 

The most vulnerable time in life to environmental exposures is from conception to age 2. Common chemicals in building products that escape into the air and dust in our homes are known carcinogens, neurotoxicants, and developmental toxins. Our passion is to prevent these exposures by getting the chemicals out of the places children live, learn, and play. We work with clients to create a safer, healthier environment for a child, focusing on practical and cost effective solutions. 


Kids, hands, mouth, oh my!

Did you know that 45 toxic chemicals are widely present in the dust in your house? Chemicals like phthalates and phenols, which are linked with reproductive problems and endocrine disruption, and stain resistant chemicals, which are implicated in developmental disorders and liver disease. Kids crawl and play on the floor, where the concentrations of these chemicals are highest, and put hands, and toys (and everything else!) in their mouths. 

We help our clients get the chemicals out of their kid's environments. Our recommendations come from evidence-based findings in peer-reviewed literature, and are focused on the most direct and efficient solutions to reducing chemical exposures.


Food Matters

We believe in real food. That seems simple, but modern food is complicated, and has lots of hidden, and not-so-hidden, additives that can undermine your health. For example, food is the main pathway for our exposure to pesticides, and the health effects of chronic, low level exposures, particularly in utero and as children, is not well understood. Common food additives, like dyes and preservatives, are linked with allergies, asthma, and behavioral issues.  

I teach an entire course on healthy food and families, and changing how you eat doesn't happen overnight. But an efficient and targeted look at your lifestyle and your goals can have meaningful and lasting effects on your family’s health.